Hola Mexico!

Goodbye, cruel Canada. This time tomorrow I’ll be in Mexico City for the start of a ten-day, four-country Mexican and Central American adventure. I loved Mexico City when I first visited last year. There won’t be any soccer games at the Estadio Azteca this time around; there’s an outside chance of a System of a Down concert tomorrow (no, really), but in all likelihood I’ll be spending the majority of my time either working or eating, which is basically par for the course during these sorts of excursions. I’m packed; I’ve got my alarm set for 3:45am and a parental phone call arriving at around the same time. My flight for Houston leaves at 7.

It goes without saying that I’ll be gamely employing my newfound Spanish skills this week. How this’ll go is anyone’s guess, but I’ll have updates from the road keeping you abreast of my progress. Until then!


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