Detroit Lions 26, Minnesota Vikings 23 (O.T.)

The National Football League’s been around since 1920. In that time, no team had ever blown three consecutive double-digit leads and lost…until today. My beloved Vikings lost to Detroit in overtime, the first time the Lions had won at the Metrodome since 1997. The Vikings led 20-0 at halftime before imploding. They led by seventeen last weekend; they led by ten the weekend before.

And they’re 0-3. The Minnesota Vikings, ladies and gentlemen! Making the wrong kind of history for fifty-one years and counting.

(Still, all is not lost. I just avoided being part of an all-time suicide survival bloodbath thanks to Matt Cassel. And the God Squad’s currently leading Beast Mode by 103 points. It’s the little things that matter on days like today…right?)


3 thoughts on “Detroit Lions 26, Minnesota Vikings 23 (O.T.)

  1. You also had an epic blowout victory in Neil's XFL league…winning by 80 something…not bad.

    The Lions hadn't won in MINN since 97? had they beat the Vikes in Motor City since then?

  2. At least a couple times, in the Jeff George season (that was George's first game for Minnesota) and last season (I was there!). Generally, though, Minnesota has their way with Detroit. It's one of the few NFL constants, right up there with Tampa Bay ALWAYS beating Minnesota (see: two weeks ago…argh).

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