Let Chaos Reign

Greetings from Toronto, where I just finished following my beloved Vikings’ epic second hand collapse against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! It’s been a busy week for me in the T.O., but it’s nothing compared to what’s on the agenda moving forward. Check this out!

  • tonight: fly back to Calgary
  • tomorrow: work, then dinner with Danimal and the Haligonian
  • Tuesday: work in Red Deer, then PJ20 in Calgary
  • Wednesday: work, then Pearl Jam in Calgary
  • Thursday: work
  • Friday: work until c2, then drive to Edmonton; Pearl Jam in Edmonton

And that’s just this week. Here’s what happens next week:

  • 28th: fly to Mexico City
  • 28th till October 3: Mexico City
  • October 3-5: San Jose, Costa Rica
  • October 5 & 6: Managua, Nicaragua (and yup, I’ll be reading a Roberto Clemente biography to mark the occasion)
  • October 6-8: Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • October 8: fly back to Calgary

It’s all happening, to quote Almost Famous. At least there won’t be many dull moments between now and Thanksgiving weekend. Be back at you from out west!


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