Walking the Long Road

Greetings from Toronto, where I’ll be stationed for the next eight days. I’m spending the rest of today recovering from J What’s bachelor party–a.k.a. Jeff’s Hysteria, for what would be obvious reasons if you were there–but first I’m pausing to remember a rather significant personal milestone: ten years ago today I moved away from Thunder Bay, from my hometown and from the house in which I’d lived for fourteen years, to start a new life in Kingston and beyond. Above all, I remember sitting on my bed and staring at the four walls of the bedroom that’d been mine since 1987, then getting up, walking out, and not looking back (and forgetting to sign the closet). I remember driving away from the house and vowing never to return (I did eventually, but not for another four years). Later that day I left my electric guitar on a train; it never reappeared, making it by far the most expensive thing I’ve ever lost. (Not to mention the most improbable. Seriously: who leaves an electric guitar on a train??) In fairness, my mind was elsewhere that day; when I arrived at our Johnson Street house that afternoon I was arriving at my new permanent address (my parents were leaving Thunder Bay for their truncated stay in New Jersey). Ten years ago today. It’s been a helluva ride ever since.

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