I started detoxing today–detoxing from the too much seafood, the too much Maudite beer, and the way too much artisanal cheese consumed in Quebec City and the Maritimes. It wasn’t fun; my 4km run felt like a 40km run, and at one point a stitch on my right hand side almost ground me to a complete halt. And it’s not just a matter of undoing all that excess: I’m running my first-ever 10km race next weekend and I’m hoping not to embarrass myself. (I’ve been invited to three weddings next weekend; I’ll be attending two of them, and one coincides with the race almost exactly. Right now, the plan’s to leave the reception, drive to Glenmore Reservoir, run the race, and then return to the wedding. Anyway, this’ll be interesting.) So I ran tonight; I’m playing Ultimate tomorrow, then running again Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday before playing two soccer games Sunday night.

That outta be a good start. I’m also single this week: my Fetching Blonde, evidently unsatisfied by merely a week-and-a-half away, is in Sylvan Lake till Sunday, leaving me in Calgary to take care of her cat. Have I mentioned her before? She’s a year-old barn cat named Tivoli, though we generally refer to her as either Small Cat or gata (which is Spanish for “female cat”). Right now she’s busy playing with the change atop my dresser. Given that Tivoli ate Styrofoam three weeks ago and was forced to undergo detox of her own I think it’s best if I sign off and deal with this right away.


5 thoughts on “Detox

  1. Don't overdo it in the lead up to the race. Trust me. You're better to be well rested and your fitness can't really undergo that much improvement in 2 weeks, so where you're at now in more or less where you'll be in 2 weeks, lungs/heart wise. If you run too much in the lead up you're likely to hurt something. Be careful and rest some days!
    Good luck 🙂

  2. Yeah…this is an AWESOME site. Thanks!

    As for gearing down before the race: that's what next week's for. 😉 This week I need to get my body back to some vague level of fitness. But then I'll run next Monday, maybe next Wednesday, and call it quits. Half-marathon's next, methinks…I'm gonna turn into a monster. 😉

    HOW ARE YOU????

  3. Yeah that dude has gotten me out there running on more than one occasion. YouTube of him finishing his first marathon i assure you it will get you off the couch every time.

    I'm good! 26 degrees and sunny in the middle of winter so i really can't complain. GOt a 14km race in 2 weeks, the City 2 Surf, probably the most beautiful run in the world, and my back is just getting over 1/2 marathon training so i'm hoping to be able to run the whole thing and annhialate my old time.

    Any important mail recently arrive in your mailbox…?

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