Sunday Bloody Sunday, Monday Lazy Monday

Monday Bloody Monday

U2 has now cost me two of my four days in Argentina: one for the concert itself and now one for the recovery. Again, I didn’t get back to my hotel till 3:22 this morning; I slept fitfully, eventually waking at around 11, but apart from a few brief sorties I was simply too tired to do much of anything today.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. And it’s not as though my day was completely wasted. This morning, for instance, I visited the spectacular El Ateno bookstore, which The Guardian once named the second-best bookstore on earth. It’s hard to know if I agree–the vast majority of the store’s titles are in Spanish, after all–and it saddens me that a beautiful old theatre was sacrificed in order to build it, but El Ateno was certainly worth visiting for the interior alone. (The boxes next to the old proscenium arc have been converted into reading rooms!) And tonight I had my first “authentic” Argentinian steak, along with a glass of vino tinto (quit rolling your eyes, J-What–Argentina’s world-famous for its wine). Did you know that one of the reasons for Argentinian beef’s distinctive flavour is lazy cows? Anyway: tomorrow, once I’ve suitably recovered from yesterday’s exploits, I intend on hitting the ground running, first by visiting the San Telmo bohemian district, then by seeing the famous La Recoleta Cemetery (where Evita’s buried) and the adjacent Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Another Argentine cow will probably be consumed somewhere along the way. I’m having a great time here, but I’m also excited for Wednesday–excited to head back to Calgary, excited to see my Fetching Blonde.

There’s a point where enough solo travel’s enough. I’m almost there, and that means it’s almost time for home. Who’d have thunk it, eh?


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