And so it ends, or the first leg at any rate, in an overpriced Sao Paulo hotel. This city didn’t intimidate me as much as it did last year. Then, I was overawed by it size. This year we had time to explore, to gain at least a sense of how the city lives and breathes. And, well, eat a lot of meat: tonight’s was my third churrascaria meal in four nights.

Tomorrow I leave for Argentina, where I’ll be spending four days alone in Buenos Aires. For now, here are some of the highlights of this first part of the journey.


  • Visited five countries on two continents–six if you include our stopover in Panama City
  • Carried on conversations almost entirely in Spanish
  • Visited fifteen schools–some for the first time, some for the third
  • Met two Canadian ambassadors
  • Got food poisoning
  • Got food poisoning again
  • Felt the presence of God at Quito’s Chapel of Man
  • Discovered the artwork of Oswaldo Guayasamín
  • Got back into Friday Night Lights
  • Finished reading Kiss of the Spider Woman; started reading Deepak Chopra’s Buddha biography
  • Slept a night in the suburbs that inspired Arcade Fire’s album
  • Made new friends from all over the world
  • Began counting the days till summertime

With that, I’m off to fill in my tour evaluation and sleep. Last night I managed four hours; tonight I’m aiming to double that, because this time tomorrow I’ll be wide awake in Buenos Aires. See you then!


3 thoughts on “Adeus

  1. There's also a spectacularly funny story that goes along with the first instance…like, SPECTACULARLY funny. I'll have to write about it; it's the sort of story that'll leave your mouth hanging open.

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