Ticket to Ride, Ticket to Rock, Ticket to Root

Ticket to ride: I’m headed to Toronto this Sunday for a week of r’n’r. See you there?

Ticket to rock: on June 28 I’m seeing the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant at the Stampede Corral, a venue that’s notable for (among other things) reeking of animal urine. It’s also where I saw Arcade Fire’s epic concert last fall.

Ticket to root: I realize the Leafs are probably setting me up for disappointment…but I don’t care: I’m seeing them next Wednesday (vs. Pittsburgh sans Crosby/Malkin) and Saturday (Chicago). This year the Leafs are 0-4-1 when I’m in the building; of course, I’ve yet to see them when James Reimer (a.k.a. OptimusReim) has played for more than a few minutes of mop-up duty. I’m quietly optimistic I’ll see win #1 next week.

Stay warm, my friends! It’s currently minus-8,393 (approximately) in Calgary; why do I live here again??


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