Ocean of Noise

Arcade Fire winning the Best Album Grammy is a rare instance of an awards show getting something right–deliriously, spectacularly right. Or so I thought until this morning, when Small n’ Bald pointed his Twitter followers towards this Tumblr page. It’s hard to tell whether the comments are satirical or not–but one assumes they aren’t (Rosie O’Donnell’s certainly isn’t), which means this might be the single-greatest internet page in history.

Seriously: have a look. I’m not pretending to have built the Arcade Fire bandwagon. On the contrary, the first time I mentioned them in Stuff and Nonsense it was to say they sounded “like a popsicle that’s been shoved up somebody’s ass” (which itself is an Eddie Vedder quote describing Good Charlotte). But they won me over last year, firstly with The Suburbs (a masterpiece), secondly with their Stampede Corral concert, which is one of a handful of genuinely life-altering gigs I’ve attended. Bear that in mind while you’re reading enlightened commentary such as this:

The Suburbs, Arcadia Fire, Aracde Fire, “those suburbs ppl”…these are just some of the bands you’ll never learn about unless you open that page. Here’s a soundtrack to accompany your reading.


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