What’s New, Buenos Aires?

“What’s new, Buenos Aires?
I’m new, I wanna say I’m just a little stuck on you
You’ll be on me, too.”

— “Buenos Aires,” from Evita

I alluded to it before, and now it’s more-or-less official: I’ll be punctuating my forthcoming Latin America trip with four days in Buenos Aires! I’ve never been to the Argentinian capital–or Argentina period, for that matter. But it’s supposed to be an incredible place; the burning questions now are how much of the famous Argentinian steak I’ll be able to consume and whether I’ll have the courage to actually stand outside the Casa Rosada and cry “Eva Peron!” (get it?). There’s also the matter of getting tickets to see Boca Juniors…not to mention a little concert that’s happening in nearby La Plata (and which is one of the main reasons I was focusing on Buenos Aires as a possible destination…more later). Anyway: tomorrow I’m off to get Lonely Planet’s guide to Argentina, then to resume bugging Kevin to join me. He sort of has to; after all, how many times in a person’s life will they have the opportunity to witness something like this?


3 thoughts on “What’s New, Buenos Aires?

  1. If I had any sort of finances I'd love to go back to Buenos Aires. But I already told you how I love it, I look forward to you regaling me with tales of your exploits.

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