Latin America Ho! v3.2

Back I go again: it’s a third Latin America adventure in the past twelve months! This trip’s a scaled-down version of last March’s marathon, but it’s still putting me in five different countries. Ye olde itinerary:

  • Costa Rica (arrive San Jose March 19)
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Brazil (depart Sao Paulo April 2)

There might also be an opportunity for a week-long extension either side of those dates (a visit to Argentina, perhaps? Machu Picchu? Diving in Belize?). I will, of course, be providing running commentary as I unleash my pidgin Spanish on unsuspecting local populaces (although I do start actual Spanish classes the week after next). Updates to follow as the build-up intensifies! (By the way: great picture, huh?)


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