Minnesota Vikings 17, Washington Redskins 13

I can see it now: the Minnesota Vikings, all-but-mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, fire their imbecilic head coach, hire his well-respected assistant, string together a few wins, and rope us all back in again before falling agonizingly short–the final nail likely coming against the Eagles on Boxing Day–and blowing their chance of drafting Andrew Luck. It’ll be like 2006 all over again! And here’s the worst part: I know they’ll end up hurting me. I’ve been rooting for this cursed franchise my entire life; you would think, in light of history (the latest sordid chapter of which was last year’s NFC Championship Game), I would know better, but if the Vikings beat the Bills next weekend I’ll be right back in along with everyone else. Bill Simmons was right: sports is like a bad marriage. You cannot escape.

(Of course, after falling short in 2006, the Vikings went out and took Adrian Peterson with their first-round draft pick, but not before Flaming Red almost disowned the franchise for not drafting Brady Quinn. The lesson, as always: Flaming Red’s response to anything sports-related is inversely proportional to its future success.)

On an unrelated note: don’t you just love rediscovering old albums? Earlier today I listened to In Violet Light by the Tragically Hip for the first time in years, and while it’s no Day for Night it still sounded good on a snowy November day in Calgary; hell, even “Silver Jet” was tolerable. For me, the absolute highlight remains “The Dire Wolf,” the lone song off In Violent Light I’d hold up alongside the best of the Hip’s catalogue, but I’d also forgotten that “A Beautiful Thing” and “Throwing Off Glass” are shimmering and etheral and that “All Tore Up” simmers with restless energy. By the way, I’d rank my favourite Hip albums accordingly:

  1. Day for Night
  2. Phantom Power
  3. Fully Completely
  4. Road Apples
  5. World Container
  6. In Between Evolution
  7. Up to Here
  8. Trouble at the Henhouse
  9. In Violet Light
  10. We Are The Same
  11. Music @ Work

Thoughts? Later I’ll attempt to explain how the band that wrote “Nautical Disaster” could’ve also written “Wild Mountain Honey.”


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