A Brand New Minneapolis Weekend

I’m starting to think this upcoming Minneapolis weekend’s a really bad idea. I’m already tired/borderline burned-out. So then why, instead of spending the weekend convalescing at my parents’ house, am I spending upwards of $700 to fly partway across the continent to watch a losing football team? It’s simple: because the last time I did it, the result was one of the most memorable weekends of my life. Among other things, it included

  • my first time hearing “Incident on 57th Street” live, plus my last time seeing Danny Federici play with the E Street Band
  • front row seats–literally–to an NHL game
  • AP296

(Seriously, I still can’t believe I was at AP296! Cousin Cam and I aren’t even sure we saw the record-breaking yard: both of us were in a rush to leave the stadium so we could catch flights home. We think we saw the three-yard plunge that moved Adrian Peterson past Jamal Lewis for the NFL’s all-time single game rushing mark…but we’ll never know for certain. That doesn’t mean we won’t be telling our grandkids we saw it happen. One thing we definitely saw was Antonio Cromartie’s 109-yard missed field goal return for a touchdown, a record that actually can’t be broken unless the NFL extends its field of play.)

Peterson won’t break the rushing record again versus Green Bay. But that doesn’t matter: the only relevant subplot is Brett Favre’s fourth (and, presumably, final) encounter with his former team. The Vikings won both games last year; the officials gifted Green Bay a win earlier this year. (Yup, that’s right, I’m blaming the officials for the Vikings’ loss at Lambeau Field! And for good reason: after the game, the NFL admitted that what might’ve been the decisive touchdown should’ve stood, and that referee Scott Green had no grounds for overturning the ruling on the field. At least I’m not alleging conspiracy, eh Saj?) A loss Sunday would put the final nail in the 2010 Vikings’ coffin; a win, and maybe, just maybe, they play their way back into contention. Regardless, it’ll be nice being back at the Metrodome and seeing Favre play for the Vikings at least once. I’ve got tickets to see them in Detroit January 2, but by then I’m assuming Brett Favre will be back in Hattiesburg and trying to explain to Deanna how pictures of his penis ended up on Jenn Sterger’s cellphone. Your 2010 Minnesota Vikings, ladies and gentlemen!

The weekend also includes Marion Gaborik’s return to Minnesota…well, assuming he doesn’t get a hangnail between now and Saturday. The night before that I’ll be seeing Wicked here in Toronto, and on Sunday, six hours after the Vikings game ends, I’ll be flying back to Calgary in time for a twelve-hour working day Monday. Can’t wait to do nothing Tuesday night! It’s time to bring the 2010 travel season to an end.


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