Chillin’ Out Max in Mexico City

Greetings from a very smoggy Mexico City! I have the day off; it’s probably a sad commentary that I’m seriously considering spending it watching NFL football, but I’m also toying with a couple other options.

The first, and most intriguing, is going to the Club America match at the world-famous Estadio Azteca–scene of, among other things, Diego Maradona’s legendary “Hand of God” goal against England in the 1986 World Cup. The other is watching the parade in celebration of Mexico’s 200th anniversary; it’s taking place (I think) right in front of my hotel and features noted Mexican luminaries such as…Michael Phelps (yes, that Michael Phelps…am I alone in not seeing the connection?). This is a fascinating city: yesterday, after working a fair at the American Foundation School, I met up with a couple friends, sampled authentic Mexican tacos (which I lathered in guacamole…yup, that’s right, I ate guacamole yesterday, and I liked it!), and soaked up the atmosphere of the neighbourhood surrounding the Auditorio Nacional. Canadians tend to ignore Mexico City; to us, “visiting Mexico” really means “going to an all-inclusive resort.” But I’m glad I’ve had the benefit of the world’s largest city as my introduction to the country, and I’m excited by an afternoon without timetable but full of possibility. Adios!


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