Hello, Hello…Hola!

¡Buenas tardes! I’m currently watching playoff baseball (Reds vs. Phillies, one game removed from Roy Halladay’s no-hitter), in Spanish, from the 23rd floor of a five-star Mexico City hotel room. So a long ways from Thunder Bay, then.

I’ve never watched Spanish-language baseball–nor, with the exception of an afternoon visit to a flea market on the south side of the Rio Grande when I was five years old, been to Mexico. But I’ll be here til Tuesday, admiring the view to your left (or to the left of this text if you’re backwardly pedantic), and working in a few visits to international schools. Tomorrow I’ll be visiting with friends; for a while it looked like I’d be visiting the Arcade Fire Sunday night, but their Palacio de los Deportes show was bumped back to Wednesday. By then, all being well, I’ll be safely arrived in Quito; the state of emergency that was declared last Thursday’s being lifted later tonight, although it should go without saying there are many places I’d rather be than a Latin American country on the brink of revolucion.

Mexico City is massive, absolutely massive–it is the world’s largest city, after all–but it isn’t as overwhelming as, say, Sao Paulo. I look forward to exploring it tomorrow, once I’ve gotten the fair done and dusted and–more immediately–slept off this very, very long day. Up since 4 a.m., been in three countries…yup, just the start of another Latin American adventure for this guy.


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