Baby, Can You Hear Me Now?

My roommate fancies himself one of Canada’s preeminent entertainment bloggers–but boy, did he drop the ball on this one. Neil Young is doing a solo acoustic concert at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on Saturday, July 24. Small n’ Bald neglected to mention this, presumably because he was too busy trying to set himself up with Peter McKay.

I’ll forgive him, if only this once, because it’s Neil Young, because it’s a solo acoustic concert, and because it’s within walking distance of our house (and, as if I needed another reason to go, it’s happening roughly on the anniversary of me seeing Tommy at the same venue back in 1996). Young’s 1971 Massey Hall concert, which had been one of the most heavily traded bootlegs of all-time before it was officially released two years ago, is an exquisite example of what the man can do with nothing but a piano and an acoustic guitar. It’s the thought of witnessing something like this that’ll have me running to the Jubilee.

In the meantime, I’d like to pitch another idea for a reality t.v. show. Its premise: strap Small n’ Bald into our living room rocking chair and pry his eyes open Clockwork Orange style, then force him to listen to Neil Young albums all day and all night. I’d call it The Needle and the Damage Done. Doesn’t that seem like the sort of thing CBC would go for?


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