Pittsburgh Penguins 4, Ottawa Senators 2: KKAC is Back

Remember the Keep Kevin Alive Committee? KKAC? Remember how we rallied around Kevin as his beloved Ottawa Senators made a valliant, if ultimately futile, run for Lord Stanley’s mug in 2007? Remember how Kevin would provide our little group with such bulletin board fodder as, “I’m five minutes from the Heart Institute.” Remember that?

Good–because KKAC is remobilizing, and Kevin, who’s in the thick of his training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, needs all the support he can get. As he put it, “So I’m simultaneously training for a marathon ride and asking for people to keep me alive? This could be interesting.” For their part, the Senators don’t seem to be on board just yet: today’s 4-2 loss to the defending champion Penguins was much more exciting than the final scoreline suggests, so while Kevin’s been doing such un-Kevin like things as biking from Kingston to Amherstview and back it’s still not good for his heart to be absorbing this much pressure. We have to help him see the series through…and then keep KKAC going through the end of the bike ride: after all, on Friday Kevin exceeded his fundraising target. Come to think of it, the Ride to Conquer Cancer might be an even better opportunity for KKAC to spread its wings than a deep playoff run. As de facto chairperson I will, of course, keep you abreast of all subsequent KKAC-related developments.


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