Our Blonde Takes Toronto, Part the Firste

My Fetching Blonde is on Day 3 of her Ontario odyssey, and already she’s done more than she’s likely to do in an entire year back in Calgary. Like, for instance…

  • She’s spent three-and-a-half hours in Saj’s father’s basement–still frozen in c1982, by the way–and not only observed but participated in a fantasy baseball draft…and she drafted a pretty good team, too, although if she beats me I’ll obviously be taking full credit for it.
  • She’s ridden the subway.
  • She’s seen the King Tut: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs exhibit at the AGO. (I’d seen it once before, with Bri Monster at Christmastime, and while it’s undeniably impressive I still think it’s a bit disingenuous that they’re advertising the exhibit with an artifact that isn’t on display. Also, I don’t know enough about Howard Carter to know if this is an accurate statement or not, but…isn’t this, like, the ultimate example of grave-robbing? Anyway.)
  • She’s been to the Eaton Centre…a visit that was totally pointless since every single store, with the exception of Sears, was closed.
  • She’s been up the CN Tower and stood on the glass floor…and after watching me dance around its perimeter for a good ten minutes, she’s had me join her. I hate heights, by the way–hate them. I’ve confronted that stupid glass floor on at least five separate occasions, but yesterday was really the first time I’ve stepped onto it and looked straight down. There are even pictures to prove it. I now never have to do that ever again.

Toronto is sort of wet and dreary today…and that’s okay, because plans to visit the Toronto Zoo have been nixed (Bri Monster, I’ll check up on Budi next time I’m in town; again, if Boris weren’t so lazy we wouldn’t have to worry about him quite so much). Instead, we’re going downtown to meet La Gusenza and her fetching Oz, and then–gulp–My Fetching BlondeĀ is going to the Bata Shoe Museum. Without me, obviously: I’ll be at Indigo at Bay and Bloor. Serenity now.


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