Blonde On Brunette

On Friday, My Fetching Blonde makes her Ontario debut. I’ll be with her, of course, serving as her 24/7 tour guide and–just as crucially–her liaison with Eddie-Dogg, and all she has to do in exchange is meet my entire extended family and Toronto circle of friends. That’s reasonable, isn’t it?

Right. So far her lone sightseeing requests are the CN Tower and the Eaton Centre; we also have tickets for Jersey Boys and the Leafs’ home finale (for those keeping track the Leafs were officially eliminated from playoff contention today). It’s a lot easier–a lot easier–showing someone around Toronto than, say, Calgary, but I’m still thinking of places we might visit. The Toronto Zoo? Niagara Falls? The–gasp–Hockey Hall of Fame? (I sort of have to take her there, don’t I?) Regardless, this’ll be fun! My Fetching Blonde, despite having lived in Canada her entire life, has never set foot anywhere between Alberta and Nova Scotia. This has to be remedied; on Friday, it will be.

I work in recruitment for a living; ironic, then, that I’ll be doing my own recruitment this week and next.


13 thoughts on “Blonde On Brunette

  1. Forget the Eaton Centre, it's just a mall! But as someone who recently had to give their brother in law advice on where to take his girlfriend in trying to convince her to move to Toronto from Vancouver, here are some good suggestions:

    1. Go to Kensington Market. Thrift, eat at the Grilled Cheese, and people watch.
    2. Go to Queen St. West/West Queen West, check out Rotate This, Magic Pony, and stop in all the weird antique/vintage shops.
    3. Go to the Distillery District, listen to some live music and visit the Mill Street Brew Pub.
    4. Go to the Danforth, eat a fancy dinner at the Globe Bistro.
    5. Go to little India and eat at Lahore Tikka
    6. Wander around Leslieville, eat brunch at Bonjour Brioche or Lady Marmalade, followed by a coffee at the Dark Horse or Mercury Espresso
    7. Walk around Harbourfront, check out an exhibit or just take in the lakeside sights.
    8. Drive out to the Scarborough bluffs, and walk along the beaches boardwalk. Have a late night dessert at the Pie Shack or at Ed's Real Scoop.
    9. Go to the Annex, browse Sonic Boom and watch a movie at the Bloor.
    10. Wander around Ossington, have dinner at the Black Hoof (if she's not vegetarian).
    Hope this helps!

  2. How is it that neither the new ROM or the new AGO are on your list? Travesty! Also – BCE Place has stunning architecture in the upper public area, which is well worth the walk-through. You could also take Eddie for a nice walk through the Don Valley, High Park or Trinity Bellwoods (all great recruitment spots) – good luck!

  3. BCE Place = connected to the HHOF, so that's a given methinks. But good call re: the AGO–we're going to see King Tut, just not sure when!

    I really wish you guys still lived there!!

  4. a visit to Budi is long overdue, no?

    Some of my favorite recruitment spots …
    – Walk Eddie along the beaches. Eat breakfast and share the crossword at the Sunrise.
    – Riverdale farm, if you don't make it to the zoo! The chickens run amuck and you can pet the goats.
    – Dim Sum in Chinatown (you can pair it with Kensington Market)

    are the Jays playing yet? That's always fun. 🙂

    I miss Toronto!

  5. as a last comment, the Ontario Science Centre has a Harry Potter exhibit (much anticipated in the museum biz… FYI) opening on Friday (the 9th). Not sure if you're into this, or if you're even in toronto still then, but if you're interested you will DEFINITELY need to buy some time-based tickets on their website.

  6. I haven't seen Budi since…oh gosh, August 2008? He'll have forgotten what I look like! Fortunately, I think Boris has been sending photo updates…or so I've been led to believe. :@

    Oh, and Alana, I think the Science Centre is an iron-clad go. My fetching blonde is a huge science geek. Like, huge.

  7. So you thought it was a good choice for her to kiss you when you had the flu.

    How many degrees do you have again?

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