The Words of the Prophets

I got an E-mail a couple weeks ago annoucing Simon and Garfunkel at the Air Canada Centre. “Stupid Toronto,” I muttered to myself, then forwarded it on to my parents and continued with my day. Then last weekend, I got a message from Big Redd which began: “Did you know that Simon and Garfunkel are touring Canada this spring? I sure as hell didn’t until tonight.” Which is how I discovered that the duo is playing Calgary on May 2, and I bought tickets immediately.

I’ve seen Paul Simon in concert once before, opening for some guy named Dylan, yet while he played most of his and Art Garfunkel’s biggest hits (including a jaw-dropping “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to open) it just wasn’t the same as seeing the two of them together. (A small caveat: I just discovered, through the magic of the interwebs, that I heard Paul Simon and Bob Dylan perform “The Sound of Silence” together at that concert. The performance was a bit ragged but…still. Carrying on.) I missed Simon and Garfunkel on their “Old Friends” tour back in 2003, and probably assumed I’d simply never get another chance to see them. I’m glad to have been wrong–not to mention that I didn’t book an earlier flight to England (I leave May 5). I might be missing Pearl Jam’s spring tour (which includes a gig at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, where Pearl Jam put on the greatest concert I’ve ever seen on–coincidentally–May 2, 2003), but hearing “The Sound of Silence” performed live by its original artists will be adequate compensation.


One thought on “The Words of the Prophets

  1. The mosh pit is going to be off the hook.

    I can't wait for this show. I am glad I emailed you about this show while you were deep in South America.

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