Nearing the End of the Line

Greetings from Guatemala City, where I’m propped up against five pillows, watching a Rafael Nadal tennis match on Spanish language ESPN, and thinking of what I’ll say during tomorrow morning’s presentation. Today was a good day–a really good day, actually. It started in Costa Rica (I had to think about that for a second), then continued in El Savador, which quickly became my favourite–easily my favourite–destination of this current tour. (I’ll explain once I’m back in Calgary, when I’ll be able to illustrate with some of the photos I took.) Now I’m in Guatemala, our final stop before we disperse to our various Canadian destinations, and looking forward to being finished. It’s been an exhilirating (and, dare I say, life-changing) couple weeks, but right now I’d just like to be on my living room couch and watching the Leafs. Being in a Westin bed and watching tennis isn’t a bad alternative, obviously, but I’m actually really excited for 6:45am Saturday morning.


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