I’m in Bogata

Greetings from Bogota, Colombia, where the air quality–such as it is–is threatening my long-term health and where I’m working with the worst wireless signal I’ve encountered in four years on the road (narrowly eclipsing the Comfort Inn in Sudbury). The whirlwind continues apace: we left Cartagena yesterday morning, made a brief stopover in Barranquilla, then took the one-hour flight to Bogota. As with most of our destinations on this tour, we haven’t had (and won’t really get) an opportunity to explore the city itself; usually we see our hotel rooms and the schools we visit, but that’s it. (Cartagena was a glorious exception; I’ll have more to say about it later on, particularly about my first-ever scuba diving experience. Yes, Christie, Scuba Steve is officially real.) Essentially, this trip has been a great advertisement for South American tourism; next time I visit it’ll be without viewbooks.

SO: we’re here for another night, and then it’s off to Costa Rica early tomorrow morning (via Panama, apparently, which brings the total number of countries I’ll have visited to eight). Then it’s El Salvador and Guatemala, and on Saturday I fly home to a lonely (yet nevertheless fetching) blonde. It’s going to be tough getting back into everyday Calgary life; it’ll also be interesting, thanks to a developing story involving our house and our unsavoury new property managers (I’m suddenly longing for Charging Chub…no, really, I’d actually love to have that kid back in my life). The tension between home (i.e., “real”) life and the road is an unavoidable occupational hazard. As much as I’ve had pangs of homesickness since arriving in South America two weeks ago, I’ll be longing to be back within days of arriving in Calgary.


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