Today Brazil, Tomorrow the World

It’s my last day in Brazil; it’s 9pm and, well, I’m going to bed so I can do the following tomorrow:

  • 3am: wake-up call
  • 3:30am: depart the hotel
  • 6:17am BRT: depart for Lima, Peru
  • 9:27am EST (i.e., BRT -2 hours): arrive in Lima, Peru
  • 12pm: school visit
  • 3:45pm: school visit
  • 9:56pm: depart for Quito, Ecuador
  • 12:15am: arrive in Quito, Ecuador
  • c1am: arrive at the hotel

That, my friends, is what we in the industry refer to as “a twenty-four hour working day.” I’m not complaining–I get hour-for-hour for everything over seven–but for those who think I’m lounging on a beach…well, I’m not. At least not until Saturday.

I’ve enjoyed Brazil–the food, the weather, and especially the people have made for a unique experience–but the poverty in Sao Paulo often overwhelmed me. I’ll pontificate on that later; for now it’s time for a Skype date and the merest excuse for a good night’s sleep. Chau!


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