All Work and No Play Makes Steve a Dull Recruiter

My trip is “officially” underway, but because being in a place like Sao Paulo without taking advantage of the city itself would be pointless, a group of us spent the latter part of this afternoon in Ibirapuera Park, an oasis of relative calm amidst the chaos of the world’s seventh-largest urban centre. For the equivalent of C$5 we rented bikes and explored; it wasn’t quite the Ride to Conquer Cancer, but it was still a nice break (or, well, “break,” since we haven’t really gotten going yet…although we will be shortly, and I’ll be posting itineraries to prove that this is not all fun and games). Sao Paulo itself is a fascinating place. I wish our schedule allowed more time for exploration, but it’s looking like I’ll have to settle for a final stab at attending a football match tomorrow night (we were planning on seeing Santos F.C. this afternoon before getting held up in Campinas). Also tomorrow, another personal first: an embassy function! Be afraid, people–be very afraid.


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