Canada 8, Germany 2/Canada 7, Russia 3

I am, somewhat reluctantly, back in Calgary, but I’m still cresting atop the wave of euphoria that’s been Team Canada’s past two games. I was actually there to see Canada blow out an undermanned German team yesterday afternoon; I missed most of today’s win over Russia due to departure delays, but it seems obvious the team’s early tournament kinks have been ironed out. Up next: whoever wins the game that’s on t.v. right now–presumably Sweden, who I still think are the team to beat.

More–much, much more!–about the Olympics to come in the days ahead. I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I was there…or that it’s over, and that I’ve got to be back in the office in less than twelve hours.


2 thoughts on “Canada 8, Germany 2/Canada 7, Russia 3

  1. Why the hell didn't you do anything crazy whilst in Vancouver? Screw you Johns, you suck!

    And can anyone understand what Sherm is saying above? This is like the 5th time he has left a post that no one can read.

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