Canada 5, Finland 0

It’s been asked on numerous occasions, but…how is women’s hockey still an Olympic sport? I’m not talking in general: I just mean at this particular stage of its development. Only two countries have a realistic shot at the gold medal; indeed, only two countries (the United States and Canada) have ever won it, while only three countries have ever even played for it (Sweden upset the States in 2006 before losing to Canada in the final). There simply aren’t enough women playing hockey anywhere else to make genuine competition viable. Earlier in this year’s tournament, for instance, Canada beat Slovakia 18-0…Slovakia who, during Olympic qualifying, beat Bulgaria 82-0. That’s an unfathomable gap. Again, I don’t have an aversion to women’s hockey in general–not at all, in fact–but until it turns into more than a two-horse race (Canada and the United States are also the only two countries to have won the women’s world championships), it’s difficult to justify its continued presence as a medal sport.


3 thoughts on “Canada 5, Finland 0

  1. It satisfies all the people that would whine about gender equality. “We have men's hockey so we should have women's too, even if it is slow, boring, and predictable!”

    We should get more steak tonight!

  2. True. Very true. You can't have an Olympic sport where countries battle for the bronze. If there was even one more country who could keep up with the US and Canada then I would argue to keep it… alas women's hockey has got to go.

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