U!S!A! 5, Canad-ahahahaha 3

Confession time: I was sort of rooting for Team U.S.A. yesterday afternoon. There might have even been a small, unconscious fist pump after Brian Rafalski opened the scoring.

Why? Because now we get to see Team Canada play. Losing to the United States forces them to play a qualifier against Germany tomorrow afternoon; Brizzad and I have tickets to that game, but while we knew it’d be “the Canada qualifier” if things didn’t go according to plan we weren’t expecting anything, certainly not after Canada beat Norway 8-0 in its opening game. But the dropped point against Switzerland opened the door for Team U.S.A., who then rode goaltender Ryan Miller to yesterday’s famous victory. Of course, now that I’m getting to see them without having to harvest a kidney (the going rate for the Switzerland game: $300 for upper deck seats), I want Canada to dominate the rest of the tournament and win the gold medal. I wasn’t too disappointed by the possibility of not seeing Team Canada in action…but now that I am, I think I was rationalizing a fair bit.

And speaking of Team Canada: we’re off to see our women steamroll the Finns and clinch their inevitable final berth. Yay, women’s hockey!


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