To the Island and Back Again

Yesterday was mine and Brizzad’s one day off–but instead of hanging around Vancouver I jumped on board a ferry and went to Victoria to visit my aunt, uncle and their army of small people (ages 13, 11, 9, and 7). I’d forgotten how beautiful the island is; honestly, I could move to British Columbia tomorrow without a second thought. I got back late last night, tried (and failed) to wake up for the Man United/Everton match (and thank goodness I didn’t), then went to this afternoon’s surprisingly entertaining Switzerland/Norway game (undisputed highlight, apart from J-1s and Alana’s sign: Tore Vikingstad scoring a hat trick and someone throwing a set of viking horns onto the ice). Recharging for the next couple hours before going, voluntarily, to Germany/Belarus. Only at the Olympics, baby–only at the Olympics.


3 thoughts on “To the Island and Back Again

  1. For me, the highlight of the Switz/Norway game (apart from my awesome sign) was when the Jumbotron zoomed in on a guy who was all decked out in Canada gear. As soon as he realized he was on the screen, he stood up and ripped his button-up shirt open to reveal that his chest hair had been shaved into the Olympic rings. Now *that's* dedication to the games!

  2. I love the island … I'd move there in a heartbeat as well. Great private schools!

    Glad you're having a blast. So many of my students are there … but no teachers were allowed the time off. Seems almost unpatriotic, no? When the Olympics were in Calgary, our school actually shut down for two weeks so that everyone could partake.

    In other news, I took the newly engaged couple to see the Fray in concert last night. It was a 6/10

  3. @Alana, agreed–that *was* awesome. He did a good job, too.

    @Bri, I couldn't live on the island–too small–but I could move to Vancouver in a couple heartbeats. I keep getting skewed impressions of this city; supposedly I need to see it when it's raining/the Olympics aren't on, but I'm failing spectacularly in that regard.

    In unrelated news, I'm rooting for the U.S. this afternoon.

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