Day 3: St. Phil of Kessel 1 + U!S!A! 5, Norway 1

If I weren’t Canadian I’d be rooting hard for this U!S!A! team. I like them: they’re young, they’re tough, they’re skilled, and they’ve got four solid Maple Leaf connections (Brian Burke = general manager, Ron Wilson = head coach, Phil Kessel = sniper, Mike Komisarek = injured defenceman). Kessel opened the scoring against Norway with an absolute snipe, then set up…I don’t know, was it the fifth American goal? Best of the three crowds we’ve been in so far; special props to the guy who came dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

So: after trying to scalp tickets to Canada/Switzerland (we took ourselves out of the market when we were quoted $475 for upper bowl seats), Brizzad and I are back at the apartment and evaluating our options. One possibility: a free Our Lady Peace concert later tonight in Richmond. But for now it’s time to unwind and watch Team Canada’s inevitable win/probable shutout. Go Canada…and if you can’t win gold, U!S!A!


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