Day 1 Revisited

A few more thoughts from Day 1 before moving on to Day 2. I still can’t believe I’m at an Olympic Games. I hope this sinks in before I have to go!

Upon landing:

Arrived in YVR w/a raging headache; honestly though I was having an embolism on descent. 4 1/2 hrs sleep the culprit? Presumably yes. 1st reaction: HFS [holy fucking shit] I’m @ the Olympics. Energy already palpable–and I’m still on the plane. HFS!

Then, a few seconds later:

Sun? What the deuce?? I seem to bring it w/me whenever I come to Vancouver. I’ll officially have attended a WO as of 9:30pm PST.

After that, Brizzad and I rode downtown (the new Canada Line rail link is exquisite) to ended up on Davie Street, where we watched the first two periods of Canada/Norway at a gay bar (and then watched the third period at a Thai restaurant…yup, we’re in Vancouver!). The Russia/Latvia game was predictably lopsided; Alexander Ovechkin scored twice (including a goal that redefined “snipe”), although Evgeni Nabokov did an unerring Vesa Toskala impersonation on Latvia’s second goal. After the game we went back to our friend’s apartment (more on him later) and crashed–absolutely crashed. And that, in essence, was our first Olympic day, which feels like it was last week and not, y’know, yesterday.

More later; for now, Starbucks.


One thought on “Day 1 Revisited

  1. Damn it. Can you please do something interesting. Have you thought about my Ghana proposition? If you don't like it, come up with something more hilarious.

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