Vancouver? Don’t Mind if I Do!

I’m off to Vancouver as of 1:15 this afternoon. And because you can never have enough Steve, you’ll find my Olympic musings all over the interwebs:

  • here
  • at Torontoist (“Dispatches from Vancouver”)
  • on Twitter (@snjohns)
  • on Facebook

And, depending on how a phone call yesterday went, Calgary radio. First event’s tonight! Next time I talk at you I’ll be in the middle of all the action.


One thought on “Vancouver? Don’t Mind if I Do!

  1. Do me a favour…

    Day drink. Get half pissed and seek out the Ghanaian skier and get a photo with him. Then tell him if he makes it down the hill without breaking a limb, he deserves gold. Run away screaming “Snow leopard for gold! Snow leopard for gold!” Film the last part.

    Please? That would definitely make Billings, Sherm, and my year.

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