Two Anniversaries of Note

Firstly, I used a lot of semicolons in that last entry.

Secondly, it’s a day of anniversaries! (Or is it “an anniversary day?”) In chronological order:

  1. Thursday, February 5, 1998: Our Lady Peace at the Fort William Gardens. My second arena rock concert (the first was the Who)…great seats, courtesy Al…BTK…”Automatic Flowers” opener…hearing both “Let You Down” and “Neon Crossing” for the first and (presumably) last time…”Dear Prudence”…Raine Maida getting into it with an audience member during the first verse of “Clumsy”…friends scattered all over the Fort William Gardens.
  2. Thursday, February 5, 2004: Toronto Maple Leafs 5, Ottawa Senators 4 (O.T.). Fifty–fifty!–Walkhome staff members at Corel Centre…Ottawa jumps out to a 4-0 lead…Hossa gets a taste of his own medicine…Sens start falling sick…Leafs start chipping away…Sundin ties it…at 4:29 of overtime, Owen Nolan puts a slapshot through Patrick Lalime and into the net…5-4 Leafs win…delirium.

And tonight? I’m home alone watching the Leafs and the Devils, but waiting for my fetching blonde to appear so we might try Spoon Me! for the first time. You win some, you dominate others.


3 thoughts on “Two Anniversaries of Note

  1. sens start falling sick kinda says it all. I'll admit it was a stellar comeback from the leafs, but seriously, how could they not have?? the sens were tag teaming to the locker room to spew, and sometimes weren't making it. You would have expected them to maintain a 4-0 lead in that state? I don't want to argue this a 2000th time, but come on.

    ps. have you noticed i've started to comment again?

  2. None of us in the arena realized it; I guess in retrospect it was a major contributing factor but…well, who cares? 😉

    p.s.: Yes. And I like it…a lot.

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