29-for-29 #3, 4 & 5

I’m starting yoga tomorrow.

Re-read that last sentence; then, imagine me in a pair of lululemon pants (it’s true) and reading Deepak Chopra’s book about Buddha (again, it’s true…even though I left it in Toronto and, as a result, won’t be finishing it for a while) and you can safely assume I’m becoming a changed man. I want to try yoga to see if it’ll yield any positive mental side effects (see #3). I’ve had a lot of my mind lately, the substance of which shouldn’t be too difficult to deduce; assuming yoga can help alleviate it, that’s got to be worth my man card, right?

Right. This should be fun times…and even if I don’t end up enjoying myself, surely the thought of me in downward dog will bring a smile to your face. Assuming it does, my job here is complete.


One thought on “29-for-29 #3, 4 & 5

  1. Good job Steve!! I know I like my yoga and it helps me relax and works on my flexibility as well. If you are in Calgary, I would recommend going to Bodhi Tree Yoga studio (14th St and 8thish ave bottom of the hill from SAIT). Their instructors are super awesome and create a really open environment. Most of the classes are heated as well, so you get an additional ass kicking… Also, go to iTunes and download some YogAmazing podcasts if interested on some simple 20-30 min vids to do at home.

    Have fun!


    PS. The vikings still suck.

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