The Waiting Will Drive Me Mad

I learned today that I’ll need a lot of things to go wrong for a lot of people if I’m ever going to get Toronto Maple Leafs season tickets. I joined the Leafs’ season ticket waiting list in 2003; in 2007 the team did its great purge, excising all the inactive names and promising list members additional perks while we waited interminably for tickets to come up. Alright, so the perks haven’t materialized–this is MLSE we’re talking about, after all–but the waiting list did get shrunk down. Today, for no particular reason, I decided to call the Maple Leafs and find out where I stand. The answer: #2,288.

It’ll purportedly take me twenty years to get tickets…although that seems like a conservative estimate (honestly, I’m not harbouring any illusions whatsoever about getting these). In the meantime, I can console myself in two ways: one, if I ever strike it rich, I can simply bypass the waiting list and buy someone’s private seat license; and two, at least the list isn’t 75,000 names strong like it is for some NFL teams. Actually, how ’bout a third way: I’m seeing the Leafs tomorrow, Monday and Boxing Day again Boston, Buffalo and Montreal, respectively. I consider that to be a reasonable compromise.


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