Frozen in Fernie

Greetings from Fernie, where it…is…freezing. How cold? Ignore the Weather Network, which is reporting a balmy -16, and consider the anecdotal evidence instead. Today, my Blonde and I went skiing…and took four–four!–runs. After the first we had to pick up warmer gloves; when we went in for lunch, my feet were so cold I was literally tearing up. Fernie itself was in good condition, but when the wind is blowing so hard it’s pushing you backwards up a hill…I mean, what’s the point?

Thus, I’ve been holed up in my hotel room since 3pm. I have a king-size bed and a fireplace…and, for the next couple hours, the Minnesota Vikings on t.v. (they’re currently losing 14-7 to the Arizona Cardinals). I’ve been living out west for over two years and I still haven’t gotten used to falling asleep against a mountain backdrop. I could get used to that. The not getting used to it, I mean–I don’t think I’d ever want to.


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