Where I’m At

So, to recap:

  • until 11/1: Thunder Bay
  • 11/1-3: Minneapolis–or rather Bloomington, a Minneapolis suburb that’s the site of MSP airport and the Mall of America and that was once home to three professional sports teams. After the North Stars moved to Dallas in 1993 their old arena, the Met Center, was rather clumsily demolished; before that, it’s where I saw my first-ever National Hockey League game (scroll down to March 20, 1988!), as well as where, on October 24, 1992, my parents and I watched a crazy back-and-forth encounter between the Stars and the Los Angeles Kings (sans Wayne Gretzky, who was out with a back injury) before returning to our hotel to watch the Blue Jays win their first-ever World Series. Earlier tonight I stumbled across a video of the old arena’s interior. Check it out!
  • 11/3-7: Winnipeg
  • 11/7-8: Calgary (yup, that’s right: Calgary!)
  • 11/8-10 or 11: Edmonton
  • 11/15-16: Indianapolis
  • 11/16-20: Ottawa

And after that, it’s either a weekend in Toronto, a Vikings game in Minneapolis or a flight back to Calgary. In any event, I’ve got a few hectic weeks ahead of me.


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