Dear Queen’s: You’re officially on notice.

The top story on this evening begins with the headline, “Aluma sues college because she hasn’t found a job.”

In a nutshell, Trina Thompson is upset because she feels her college isn’t doing enough to get her employed.

Read the story for yourself. I will only add these two points:

1) First, owing to my special insight on all matters relating to race, I have come to the conclusion that Trina Thompson isn’t a (capital-W) White person. If she were, instead of job searching, she would likely be taking a year off to “find herself.”

2) I’m fairly confident that potential employers will LOVE researching into this lawsuit. Nothing like a candidate with a solid 2.7 GPA, a good attendance record, and who won’t hesitate to sue you if things don’t go her way.

Stay tuned, I have an idea for tomorrow’s post that I think you’ll like.

(Jon, not Steve.)


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