Of Longhorns and Lost Cell Phones

Firstly, Conor, I’ve got my Longhorns hat; I’ll flash my hook ’em horns once I’m back in Calgary, then print the resulting picture and give it to Sherm for his birthday.

Secondly, isn’t American t.v. great? Not only am I getting HD over the airwaves, I’m also getting C-SPAN…and C-SPAN2 (yes, there’s apparently a need for C-SPAN2). And speaking of great, I love watching sports channels and not having hockey shoved down my throat.

Thirdly, although I generally stopped losing things in elementary school, I lost my cell phone during the Ride to Conquer Cancer. And so I replaced it…and then lost the replacement phone for over an hour before finding it hidden in a shrub at the restaurant where we ate dinner. That’s a bit too close of a call for my liking. (Oh, and for the record, tonight’s dinner was a 12oz New York striploin, garlic mashed potatoes, breaded shrimp, Caesar salad, bread and Sam Adams beer. I love this city.)


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