Dispatches from the Alamo

Greetings–almost quite literally–from the Alamo! I’m actually in my hotel room, whose sonic vistas take in (among other things) San Antonio’s most famous monument; once I’ve gotten myself settled, showered and changed (jeans are not appropriate attire for this weather) I’m going to go down and have a look, as well as explore the adjacent Riverwalk area. Also, a Texas flag is fluttering in the breeze in front of me…and speaking of state icons, would you believe there’s a ten-foot-tall statue of George H.W. Bush inside Houston’s (ahem) George Bush Intercontinental Airport? Of course you would. In fact, here’s a picture! (I’m trying really hard not to stereotype…but…I mean, when it’s like that, do I even have a choice?) I haven’t been in Texas for over twenty years, and grotesque statues aside I’m really looking forward to this week.

Oh, and hey: Neil Armstrong stood on the moon forty years ago today, which made it kind of cool being in Houston–albeit briefly.


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