Hasta La Vista Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Manchester United player no longer. He’s been sold to Real Madrid for a world record £80-million.

I’m upset…to a point. It’d be impossible to dispute that United aren’t losing either the best or second-best player on earth; it’d also be stupid, not to mention wrongheaded, to argue that his skills won’t be missed. And having said that, it’s a relief that the less-savoury aspects of Ronaldo’s game are packing their bags along with him; gone is the preening, the petulance, the diving and (if reports coming out of Manchester are to be believed) the disruptive influence in the dressing room as Ronaldo’s celebrity grew bigger and bigger. He’ll be missed; he will not be mourned.

In the end, United got six years of Cristiano Ronaldo, six years in which he developed from a raw but exciting prospect into the BPITW. His last three years were absolutely brilliant, and his 2007/08 campaign will be remembered as one of the greatest-ever for a Manchester United player. (Ironically, Ronaldo was crap all three times I saw him at Old Trafford.) Sir Alex Ferguson now has a war chest with which to reconfigure his side; it’ll be interesting (to say the least) seeing what he does with it.

Two more parting shots:

  1. This is an excellent piece, even if it comes from Soccernet.
  2. And this just about sums it up for me:

Analogy time

You’ve got a girlfriend. She’s very pretty and fantastic in bed. So far, so perfect

But you’ve got to live with this girlfriend too, and BOY is she high maintenance. For one, she has expensive tastes, and the second she thinks you’re not putting enough effort into what she wants she’ll scream and shout and make Naomi Campbell look bashful.

Forget what’s important to you, it’s her that counts here. And she has serious problems with your friends and everyone else in your life. And heaven help you if you so much as look at another girl, even by accident.

Your friends and family (IE people who genuinely care about you) have been telling you to get rid for ages, but you keep coming back to the sexy eyes and fantastic blow job. You just don’t know what to do…

Until some guy comes among and offers you 94 million Euro for her.

Take. The. Fucking. Money.

Ta-ra, CR7. It’s been emotional.


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