Tomorrow, Again

Remember this? Well, we’re back:

Coincidentally, it’s been ten years to the day since my greatest Manchester United moment. (Today also would’ve been Sir Matt Busby’s hundredth birthday.) No matter what happens tomorrow (and, for the record, I think United will win 2-0), nothing will ever top May 26, 1999. As I wrote four years ago, the day after Liverpool’s equally improbable Champions League victory over A.C. Milan, “You can’t find the words to express it. You just can’t.” When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored the winning goal, all I could muster was an eloquent, “They did it! They fucking did it!” I believe I was standing on top of a recliner at the time. Anyway, ten years later on and not much has changed; I can’t watch that video without being reduced to a blubbering idiot.

I’ll be back at you tomorrow, hopefully in a similarly ebulient mood. In the meantime, here’s Cristiano Ronaldo interviewing…Cristiano Ronaldo:


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