The Buzz/What’s Happening

On March 31, 1993, I stumbled–almost quite literally–onto a pair of tickets for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the London Palladium. The show’s star, a well-known British television actor named Phillip Schofield, was off sick, and so his understudy, Glenn Carter, stepped in. I don’t remember much about the actual show–aside from being twelve at the time, my aunt and I were actually on our way to see Cats when we walked past the Palladium and noticed the “TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENING’S PERFORMANCE” sign–but I do remember being impressed by Carter’s performance. And tonight, slightly over sixteen years later, I heard his voice again.

Carter stars in a “second” movie adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar, currently showing on NTV (Newfoundland T.V.–“Canada’s Superstation!”). It isn’t great; it’s hysterically overwrought and full of simmering homoerotic tension, not least of all between Jesus and Judas. But what’s weird is how I could still remember Carter’s voice: as soon as he started singing “Gethsemane,” it was like a forgotten mental storage compartment was reopened. It sounded familiar. The mind’s a wonderful thing, huh?

Carter’s currently starring in the London production of Jersey Boys, by the way. He’s playing Tommy DeVito; in Toronto, that same role’s being filled by Jeremy Kushnier, who starred in the Canadian production of The Who’s Tommy, which I saw in Toronto in 1995, which…y’know what, never mind. The chances of me scoring ever again are almost nil; I don’t need to remove the “almost” from that equation.


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