West Ham United 0 – 1 Manchester United: Poor, Poor Jeff

Poor J-What: in December he made the very basic (yet ultimately irretrievable) mistake of attending a soccer match, which immediately made him into a long-long supporter. Unfortunately for him the club to which he’s attached his hopes and dreams is none other than Liverpool F.C., which means J-What’s currently cresting atop the Scouse Boom/Bust Cycle. Meanwhile, Manchester United haven’t conceded a league goal since…November 8, a string of thirteen consecutive matches. Their 1-0 win over West Ham was their eighth of the season. Ryan Giggs was the goalscorer; his sumptuous strike made Giggs the only player to score in every year of the Premier League’s existence. United are two points clear of Liverpool atop the table. Their long-standing “game-in-hand” against Fulham is next week, and assuming United beat Fulham and Blackburn (which is likely, given that both games are at home) they’ll open up an eight-point gap before Liverpool’s next match. Jeff, meanwhile, will be left to rue his decision to follow a team that counts Lucas Leiva among its ranks.

(Still, you’ve gotta love the famous Scouse wit: that Virgin Trains ad is brilliant.)

As for me, I’m back in Calgary and–all being well–staying put for the foreseeable future. I’m done with work-related travel…I mean, as much as I love the free flights home it’s not exactly relaxing, and in many ways it’s the exact opposite. Still, last week’s visit enabled me to listen to J-What’s informed opinions regarding a Premier League match. This from the guy who once said he’d sooner visit Tropicana Field than go to a soccer game.


One thought on “West Ham United 0 – 1 Manchester United: Poor, Poor Jeff

  1. That’s pretty funny, that you waited this long to use the Tropicana Field quote against me. At first I didn’t quite remember (was probably drinking at the time), but it definitely sounded like something I’d say. 🙂 The Scouse Boom/Bust is very amusing, though, as is the train ad. Though your predictions may even turn out to be right, I can still gain solace in the misery of Chelsea fans right now, and the fact that your clean sheets streak will not go on forever. 🙂

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