I shouldn’t complain about work–what I do is, more often than not, about as perfect a balance of business and pleasure as I could’ve expected at this stage of my working life–but after weeks like this, I feel as though I’m entitled to a bit of grumbling. On Monday, I flew from Toronto to Ottawa; on Tuesday I drove back to Toronto, and in the three subsequent days commuted between Toronto and Hamilton, Port Hope and St. Catharines. So I’m spent, and looking forward to a weekend in which travel will be exclusively local and which won’t involve the monstrous Buick that was rented to me at Ottawa airport (I returned it earlier this morning). Recruitment can be tough work. I know I tend to make it sound like it’s little more than a lot of free travel, but free travel doesn’t necessarily equate with free vacation, and I’m glad our travel season is winding down so I can ground myself for the next few months. Happily, by summer’s end, I’ll be rearing to go again–which will coincide nicely with next year’s application cycle.


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