Viva Ronaldo!

While Rafa Benitez keeps on losing the plot, Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on adding to his silverware collection. Yesterday, to the surprise of absolutely no one apart from a few particularly blinkered Kopites, Ronaldo was named FIFA’s world player of the year, beating out (among others) Lionel Messi and Fernando Torres. I really don’t think there’s anything else to say; by now, Ronaldo’s performances on the pitch should’ve done more than enough talking. As for Benitez’s unprovoked war against Manchester United in general and Sir (not “Mister”) Alex Ferguson in particular, it’s getting more and more bizzare with each passing day; soon he’ll be accusing the United tea lady of harbouring anti-Liverpool sentiments.


2 thoughts on “Viva Ronaldo!

  1. Do you ever think you spend too much time reading Liverpool forums??And don’t say that you enjoy the lunacy of the posts. If I could ever be bothered reading United forums, I would have no doubt that they would be equally blinkered. So with that in mind remember the following. 1 – Stevie Gerrard never dives2 – Stevie Gerrard never assaults3 – Mister Alex Ferguson gets away with more than any other manager in the Premier League. 4 – Fernando Torres is the best player in the world. 5 – Robbie Keane is worth all £20m6 – This is our year. 🙂When are you visiting

  2. I <>do<> spend too much time reading Liverpool forums…but despite what you might think, it’s actually entirely because of the lunacy. RAWK is incredible–please, go and read one of their United threads and tell me how I’m supposed to <>not<> be entertained?Visiting…dunno, let me get back to you. But I’ve got the points now–all 60k of ’em!!

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