Manchester United 3 – 0 Chelsea

After watching Manchester United stroll to a 3-0 win over Chelsea at Old Trafford, a member of Red and White Kop offered the following pearl of wisdom:

F*** it!

Come on you horrible, floppy haired, inferiority complex, hate-filled, dopey accented, nasal, whinging, referee intimidating, Liverpool obsessed c*** bags [this is a woman writing, by the way]. Bring your best title challenge along with your squad of knuckle-dragging, venom spitting, apes and we’ll give you a title challenge to remember.

Are you watching Merseyside? Yes we f****** well are! The question is are you watching you watching Manchester? This is not over yet!

Firstly, I’m guessing Manchester was watching since Old Trafford (and, indeed, Manchester itself) is located in Lancashire…just like Liverpool. Secondly, there shouldn’t be a comma after “spitting.” Thirdly, United are five points back of Liverpool with two games in hand. Fourthly, no one–save a few particularly distressed Kopites–are saying anything’s over. Fifthly, United just played one of the best teams in world football off the park.

So yes, Merseyside: we’re watching. And we know you’re watching–filled with fear and trepidation, and justifiably so.

QUICK ASIDE: prior to today’s match the Score asked the following trivia question: “Last season, United beat Chelsea 2-0 at Old Trafford. Who were the goalscorers?” Afterwards they awarded a prize pack to the viewer who responded Carlos Tevez and…Nani. Nani didn’t score the second United goal: Louis Saha did, converting an 89th minute penalty (Nani was an unused substitute, meaning he didn’t actually play). In case you needed further evidence that the Score is a bushleague channel, you’ve got it.


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