Championship Update!

Check out this sequence, then tell me if I have any reason for optimism whatsoever:

  • Steve Smith scores on a three-yard pass from Jake Delhomme. That’s +7 points for the God Squad! Or is it?
  • New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin challenges the ruling on the field, claiming Smith was down at the one-yard line. After review, the officials agree–and so instead of +7 for the God Squad, it’s merely +1 (we’re in a points/reception league).
  • From one yard out, DeAngelo Williams rumbles in for his third (!) rushing touchdown of the game. That’s +6 points for my opponent (+7 if you include the yardage); put differently, that’s a thirteen-point swing.

Bottom line: we’re tied at 117. More later.

UPDATE: screw you, DeAngelo Williams–screw you! Williams’ fourth rushing touchdown has the God Squad in a thirteen-point deficit. It’s looking bleak for your favourite fantasy football team; barring a Lazarus-like resurrection tomorrow night I’ll be settling for second place in the Not-So-Great Northwest Fantasy Football League. Oh, well; at least the Giants’ win makes their game against Minnesota next weekend essentially meaningless.


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