Yup, I’m Blogging About a FFL Again!

You don’t care…but, with the conclusion of tonight’s Philadelphia Eagles/Cleveland Browns game, your favourite fantasy football team is officially playing for its league’s championship! This weekend, the God Squad put up an impressive 146 points to win its semi-final match-up by thirty-two; coincidentally, that’s the same number of points the original Steve Smith scored this week, making him the God Squad’s leading scorer for the fourth time this year (which isn’t bad for a fourth-round pick who missed two games for punching out a teammate). But ANYWAY, I’ll be in tough next weekend. My opponent, called the Log Stealers and managed by my buddy Jordan, wasted a first-round draft pick on Tom Brady–then put together an impressive run which culminated in a semi-final beatdown of…BEAST MODE. I guess that’s what happens when you put all your eggs in the Arizona Cardinals’ basket–not to mention talk yourself into Jonathan Stewart instead of Tashard Choice.

I’m not expecting to win–most of my players have tough Week 16 match-ups–but I’m also guaranteed a share of this year’s spoils. And no matter what happens (and regardless of whether you care or not), you can bank on a wrap-up blog entry one week hence. If that’s not enough to get you through your week I don’t know what is.


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