Yup…This is My Father

The following is an actual quote from a letter written by my father–a.k.a. “Iconoclast in the Beach”–to the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra & Chamber Choir in Toronto. I have no idea what possessed him to write it, not to mention CC me onto the letter, but there you have it. This, sadly, is what I’m destined to become:

“To put matters in perspective: a few days after hearing Dame Emma [Kirkby], I saw The Who in concert at the Copps Coliseum. She was so, so. Esoteric choice of songs, great instrumental accompaniment. Musically, nothing beats seeing Pete Townsend when he is begins ‘windmill rocking’. Mind you, Tafelmusik is right up there when playing the Beethoven symphonies with Bruno Weill conducting. Any chance you guys could one day perform Hadyn’s ‘Military’ symphony? Then perhaps I’d change my mind about Pete!
Iconoclast in the Beach
P.S. Copied my son as further proof his Dad has lost it!”

Yup…this is my father.


3 thoughts on “Yup…This is My Father

  1. Reread what he wrote. HE SENT THAT TO SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME. If he sent it to you, fine–but he sent it to a complete stranger. It doesn’t even make sense!!

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