And in Other News…

I’d be remiss for not mentioning the following four things:
  • Manchester United 1, Manchester City 0. Wayne Rooney finally–finally–scored his 100th career goal, and United survived a moment of madness from Cristiano Ronaldo to pull within five points of the Premiership lead. Up next: Sunderland at Old Trafford. There are goals to be had!
  • Minnesota Vikings 34, Chicago Bears 14. I missed most of the first half of tonight’s NFC Norris summit tilt–I was playing a soccer game which I believe my team won, although none of us could be certain after it was over–and ergo missed what might eventually turn out to be the defining moment of Minnesota’s season. First, the Vikings’ “d” stopped Chicago four times on their own one-yard line; then, Gus Frerotte threw a 99-yard touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian. That was the TSN Turning Point (literally and figuratively), and what was looking like a tense, potentially disastrous encounter for the Vikings turned into a cakewalk. Up next: the winless Detroit Lions. It’d be so like Minnesota to lose that game.
  • The God Squad 127, The Mavericks 118. You don’t care–but last week, in desperate need of a reliable (operative word) tight end, I offered an opponent Kevin Boss, Carnell “Cadillac” Williams and the Vikings’ defense in exchange for Jason Witten…and he bit. Witten was a dud in his God Squad debut–but this week he put up 27 points and led me to a second-consecutive improbable come-from-behind win. In the process, my team clinched the division title and a first-round bye; however, at this point all I really want is another shot at BEAST MODE.
  • Brian Burke. He’s finally–finally–arrived. Read what Torontoist had to say about it.
As you were.

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